ALL JA Contest 2000

 We won 3rd prize among high school club staions. It is difficult to win these domestic contests because we are 500km north of Tokyo area (especially on 50MHz), but we often win 2nd or 3rd prize.
 3.5--50MHz, the multiplier is the number of the prefectures we worked. Our equipments were 50--200W, and the antennas were

DP, Vertical
3el YAGI
GP (4el is still on the ground)
4el YAGI
6el YAGI
9el YAGI

At the Club Room

7MHz Site (6KB) Operating 7MHz.
Back: Drinking something
50MHz Site (7KB) 50MHz.
The computer is not working. Small box on the desk is a "CW noise smoothing filter "
Club Room and the Next Room (7KB) 7MHz operator with headphones, 28MHz operator in next room, talking over the partition and drinking something. 50MHz desk on the right of the bookshelf.
Editorial room (7KB)  The editorial room for yearly school magazine. This picture is taken over the partition, from our room.
 A big room is devided into three rooms --- this editorial room, the astronomy club, and ours.

At the Room for Astronomy Club

This room is also used by the "Go" and Japanese chess club.

28MHz site (6KB)  28MHz.
The propagation was not so good, so the operator had gone somewhere. The 50MHz site is the back of the partition.
DORA-EMON milk(10KB)  28MHz.
 On the rigs are four DORA-EMON milk packages. DORA-EMON is a very popular character among the childes (not high school students, of course). In March, we go to see a new movie of DORA-EMON every year.
 You can see a red bottle of " Dr. Pepper ", a drink from USA. We DO love this drink, but not so popular in Japan.
 A "cup-noodle" at the right of the rigs.

At the Studenst Council Room (2nd)

 The student council has two rooms, which are next to our room. The first room is for meetings, and the another is for work, so much scattered as you can see in the picture.
  Some of us also belong to the council so we can use this room.

At Council Room(8KB) Back: 14, 21MHz.
Front: checking a rig that does not work well.

At Meigetsu-Kan

 Meigetsu-Kan is a Korean restaurant, very near to our school. We love Korean foods. In Chinese, Korean and Japanese, "meigetsu" means "shining moon", "Kan" means house, home, or room.

 After the contests or big meetings, we go there to have MORIOKA REIMEN and Korean-style grilled beef . Reimen is Korean cold noodls, and MORIOKA REIMEN is a Morioka-style reimen. Indeed our school also has a reimen club, do you believe it?

Grilling a cake(10KB) An old member came to the club from SENDAI with cakes. Not for grill, but we do as a joke.
Grilled well(7KB) And Korean very hot seasoning on it. Who on the earth eat this?
Old Members(8KB) Old members, much tired.
MAR 2, 2001