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Sounds of DX FM Stations

KHMG: Harvest Family Radio (88.1MHz Guam) MP3 94KB 16sec.
2003 MAY 23 0233z, due to multi-hop Es propagation. This audio is saying that
'I hope you to join us.
How to manage your money brought you weekdays at 1145 in the morning and at 745 in the evening by Harvest Family Radio'.
Almost same sentence is seen on the KHMG site: according to 'WHAT'S NEW' on the top page,
How to Manage Your Money
With Larry Burkett
Weekdays at 11:45 a.m. and 7:45 p.m.
Star FM? (89.5MHz Philippines) 76KB 28sec.
2003 MAY 23 0000z, due to multi-hop Es propagation.
'Eighty nine point five, Star...'
--> Another audio recorded a little before (55KB 20sec; 2003 MAY 22 2356z).
DWKY Energy FM (91.5MHz Metro-Manila, Philippines) MP3 176KB 30sec.
2007 MAY 22 08:59:55z, due to multi-hop Es propagation.

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